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20th Dec 2016

17 Reasons Why Berlin Is The Worst Place Ever For A Short Break


It might be the capital of Germany and many would say the most important city in Europe but we thought we better warn you about some of the reasons why you should avoid it at all costs. Take our advice and check out these 17 photos that prove you are better to pick another city from our list to visit.

1.There are absolutely no iconic monuments to see whatsoever.


2.You’ll never find anywhere suitable to have a nice beer outdoors


3.The night clubs are boring and look like every other venue in the world


4.The place looks especially bad in the summer


5.Forget about trying to get anywhere. The Public transport system hardly exists.


6.The street art is boring and unimaginative


7.You won’t have anything to do if you are from the LGBY community


8.When it comes to finding a unique place to relax in the city you can forget about finding something different


9.And the music scene never changes. It is always the same old pop songs you hear.


10.God forbid you ever have to try a Club Mate


11.Even the politicians have no idea what they are doing. One of the most poorly run countries

Reichstag Dome at night

12.Don’t even think about checking out the lakes and hundreds of bars around the city in the summer


13.Why would you even want 1 opera house that looks like this never mind 3 of them?

Komische Oper Berlin interior Oct 2007 Zuschauerraum

14.Did we mention the beer tastes absolutely horrendous?


15.Some might say the biggest and best run train station in Europe. We say a waste of space!


16.Even the monuments are really boring and not unique in the slightest.


17.I mean the people from all cultures and walks of life don’t even get on together in Berlin.

Crowd at the MyFest in Berlin Kreuzberg

So after seeing all that hopefully you can tell we are being ironic! There is no better city in the world in our opinion and you’d be a food not to go there. We’ve listed 17 reasons NOT to go but if you want the real 33 reasons why you should visit Berlin check this out!

Let this video show you just how majestic the city is