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18 Photos That Prove That No One Quite Does Summer Like The Irish

By katedemolder

June 8, 2018 at 11:11am


What does a country that can't guarantee good weather do during June, July and August? Act like it's summer anyway, of course!

Year in, year out, we pray for a glorious heatwave, complain when we get one, and  then act shocked when it goes away.

BUT, something that shocks us (in a good way) is the resilience of the Irish spirit, when it comes to the sun, or lack thereof. 

Yaaaaas Ireland, yaaassss.

1. We are always prepared for random heatwaves

However rare they may be.

2. The national dish changes from potatoes to soft ice-cream


3. Because even if it lashes, we embrace it

Ain't no party like a massive rain party!

4. In fact, even comparing our abysmal meteorological conditions doesn't stop the craic

5. But when the sun DOES decide to come out, the whole country loses the plot

To the pub!

6. Even weather presenters go a little mad

7. Societal rules go out the window...

8. Adding a bit of colour to your translucent body is neither frowned upon nor ignored

Pink to make the boys wink, amirite?

9. And by God, if we say we're having a barbecue

We're having a bloody barbecue.

10. ...even if the weather is against us mid-July.

11. Give a man some sun, and he'll swim for a day

Show a man some rain, and he'll swim forever.

12. And even the flashest of dips in the sea means you deserve yourself a whole pile of scampi

13. Or pint

Actually, definitely a pint.

14. Places like this are less than 30 minutes from the city

15. And boy, do we get involved

Even if it is less then 5° in the water itself...

16. Though the super sporadic glimpses of sun may get to our heads a bit...

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17. We wouldn't change it for the world

18. Well, maybe sometimes...

But that's it. We promise.

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