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20th Dec 2016

6 Of The Best Brunches In New York

Dylan Varian

Brunch is something everyone enjoys, whether they say it out loud or not. But the real question is what do you get for brunch, where do you go? Well here are the best 6 dishes to get at brunch in New York.

1. Chicken fried steak at Pies and Thighs.

All for just $13. And who wouldn’t love this for brunch?

2. The croque madame at Jacob’s Pickles.

$15 dollars and you get all the croque madame with fried chicken and ham on a bacon-smothered biscuit. Perfect if you’re facing a hangover that day.

3. The french toast at La Bonbonniere.


French toast, topped in bacon. What is not to love? I mean, c’mon… and for only $9. You can’t go wrong here.

4. Chicken And Waffles at Amy Ruth’s.

$12.95 and because it’s fried chicken and waffles damn it!

5. The Nutella-stuffed french toast at Penelope.

It’s $18 and yes, that’s a tiny bit expensive – but you’ve got to try these once in your life because damn they’re deliciuos.

6. The Moroccan benedict at Cafe Mogador.

$16.50 and because spicy tomato sauce makes eggs benedict just that little bit better. You also get homemade fries, salad, orange juice and tea or coffee for that price.