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10th Sep 2018

This Irish County Has Just Been Voted The Least Sexual City In The Entire World

James Fenton

They’ve clearly never been to The Savoy on a Saturday night.

The People’s Republic Of Cork has finished dead last in a list of world cities ranked by sexuality.

Sex app Lavezza surveyed people from around the world and asked them to rank cities out of ten under the following categories: Sexually Active, Sexual Experimentation, Sexually Satisfied, Sex Toy Consumption, Porn Consumption, Adult Entertainment, Swinger Score, Access To Contraception, LGBT Friendliness and Gender Equality.

The Rebel City propped up the table just behind Bratislava in Slovakia and Belgrade in Serbia.

The full bottom ten reads as follows:

  1. Cork – Ireland
  2. Bratislava – Slovakia
  3. Belgrade – Serbia
  4. Graz – Austria
  5. Linz – Austria
  6. Salzberg – Austria
  7. Toyko – Japan
  8. Milan – Italy
  9. Hannover – Germany
  10. Chennai – India

While the top 10 reads:

  1. Paris – France
  2. Rio De Janerio – Brazil
  3. London – England
  4. Los Angeles – USA
  5. Berlin – Germany
  6. New York – USA
  7. Sao Paulo – Brazil
  8. Las Vegas – USA
  9. Ibiza – Spain
  10. Amsterdam – Netherlands

Of course the French came out on top. Stop laughing in Dublin cos you didn’t do much better, coming in at 61st in the list. Has Cork been hard done by here? Let us know in the comments.

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