This Irish Restaurant Receives 140 Bookings Just One Hour After This Announcement

Everyone's going for a look, maybe we should too...

Ichigo Ichie Main 1

Yep, you read that right.

Well over 100 bookings in just one hour were made at this Irish restaurant, where would you even start?

Speaking to The Evening Echo, Takashi Miyazaki says that he's feeling fantastic after his restaurant, Ichigo Ichie received a Michelin Star at the start of the week.

Rebecca Burr, director of the Michelin Guide, said that Cork in particular was a hit with the judges this year.

“The inspectors have also seen exciting things happening in the Republic of Ireland this year, and much of it in County Cork.

“There’s a lot of ability in Ireland right now. As everyone knows, the produce is stunning and it’s great to see chefs injecting such passion and personality into their food.

Ichigo Ichie's dishes were described as “exquisite” and its combo of Japanese culinary craft with a mix of Irish ingredients was the main reason it made the guide.

You can find the full list of Michelin star restaurants from around the country hereand you can see who won the 'Michelin Bib' awards here.

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