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20th Dec 2016

Dubai 360 Opens A Huge 3D Panoramic Theatre

Robert McGovern

Not content with launching possibly the slickest website on the planet earlier this year, Dubai 360 has now brought the largest interactive city tour on the web kicking and screaming into the real world.

The Sphere is a 15-metre spherical projection theatre located in Dubai Mall that allows visitors to experience the content from the website in a more immersive way, and bring to life those gorgeous panoramic shots. Inside, visitors will climb a set of stairs and be surrounded by footage that showcases stunning views of the city from every angle. Imagine standing there as if you’re on top of the tallest building in the world looking out over the city! Vertigo sufferers need not apply.

The geodesic structure, built by the San Francisco-based Obscura, opens today (2nd March) and runs until Monday 15th March. It’s a pity it’s not a permanent structure so make sure to get down to it if you’re in town before then.

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