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06th Mar 2018

Everyone’s Obsessed With The Hidden Person In This Game of Thrones Cast Pub Photo

Megan Cassidy

So at the weekend everyone was buzzing about the Game of Thrones cast drinking Guinness in a Belfast pub – Kelly’s Cellars to be exact. 

The pub is very near to where the cast film, and at this point there have been countless Irish sightings, but the novelty just doesn’t seem to wear off. 

Here’s the photo, tweeted by Kelly’s Cellars with the caption: 

‘As you may have noticed, Winter Is Coming. Or Coming Back. Or whatever.
But whatever it is, it was a pleasure to welcome some of the cast of Game of Thrones yesterday evening. Because that’s what they do.
They drink. And they know things.

But now some eagle-eyed fan has spotted another detail that has everyone OBSESSED. 

In the right hand side of the photo there appears to a person ducking back to hide from the shot, and people are demanding answers. 

Is the person a major spoiler for what happens in the upcoming season? People reckon so. 

As of yet there’s no definitive answer as to who the mystery gal in the pink jumper is, guess we’ll just have to camp out in Kelly’s in case they return!

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