This Handy Walk In Berlin Will Bring You To A Lot Of Must-See Sites And Attractions

By Jen

April 4, 2019 at 12:19pm



If you find yourself in Berlin with a banging hangover, but you still want to get out and see some sites, then this walk is definitely for you.

I was recently in Berlin with Harvey Norman and on the last day, I planned to do some site-seeing. Unfortunately, the night before turned out to be quite heavy so when I rolled out of bed for breakfast at about 11:30 I wasn't very fit to be travelling the length and breadth of Berlin.

I was determined to at least see one thing near the hotel, so the guys directed me towards the Brandenburg Gate.

Luckily, on the way, I saw a couple of things that were on my list anyway, so this walk is definitely one to remember.

(I did this walk in reverse order but seeing as most people won't be coming from the direction of the hotel I was staying at, it makes more sense to start off with the Brandenburg gate and go from there.)

1. The Brandenburg Gate




Built in the 18th century by a Prussian King, the gate was once a symbol of tumultuous history in Europe and Germany with the Nazi party using it as one of their emblems.

It became the main venue for the 20th-anniversary celebrations of the fall of the Berlin Wall or "Festival of Freedom" in 2009 and is considered a symbol of unity and peace.

2. Victory Column / Goethe Monument / Tiergarten

With the Brandenburg Gate behind you turn left towards Potsdamer Platz. Cross the road as soon as you can so you're on the same side as the Tiergarten. Continue to walk parallel to the park until you come across the entrance where the Goethe monument is located.

Goethe was a German writer, philosopher and statesman. His most notable works include Faust.

Though I didn't have time (the hangover was pretty bad), I didn't get a chance to check out the Tiergarten or Zoo which is in the same park as the monument.

The Victory Column is also in the same park and depicts Victoria the goddess of Victory. It was built in 1864 after the Prussian-Danish war.




3. Berlin Wall




Come back out of the entrance you came in and head right again towards Potsdamer Platz. Once you hit the crossroads you will see part of the Berlin Wall memorial.

The Berlin Wall is probably the most famous monument in Berlin and definitely something you should go see when you're there. It separated West and East or Ost Berlin from 1961 to 1989.

The parts that are left as part of the memorial are covered in graffiti and old bits of chewing gum from the time it was complete and standing, which is equal parts cool and gross.

I may have touched the chewing gum before realising what I was doing... retching definitely ensued - this hangover was not being kind to me.

4. Lego Discovery Centre

For the big kids among us turn right after the Berlin Wall Memorial and after a couple of minutes walking, you will find the Lego Discovery Centre.

I had no idea I was about to pass this when I was out and about, so it was a nice surprise when I happened upon the giant Lego giraffe that stands outside the centre.

Even if you're not a massive Lego fan, it's still worth a visit because the stuff they've built is just so damn impressive.






If you're looking to make a pit stop for a beer or food, there are plenty of cafés and bars at Potsdamer Platz to fuel your site seeing.

Depending on how long you stay at each site this walk will take you about an hour, so not too bad if you're stuck for time or feeling a bit worse for wear.


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