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20th Dec 2016

How To Experience Berlin Without Breaking The Bank

Dylan Varian

Berlin is an amazing city, and known for being pretty cheap too. So we’ve put together a little something for you so you can make sure you’re getting value for your money and how to experience Berlin without breaking the bank.


1. Street Food.


Berlin is famously street food friendly. You don’t have to travel far to find a vendor on the side of the street selling Döner, Turkish Pizza, Currywurst, Ice Cream, or a giant cone of french fries.

Here are a few quick shouts.

Mustafa’s Gemüse Kebap – worth the wait for a pretty decent kebab. £3 too.

The Pizza Dach – For under £3 you can pick-up some pizza. Worth a visit.

Curry 36 – these guys do some of the best currywurst in all of Berlin. You have to check these guys out.

2. Explore the art scene.


Art is very prominent is Berlin. You won’t have to walk far before you see a mural or some graffiti on the walls. Here are some places you should hit up.

The East Side Gallery – the longest stretch left of the Berlin wall. Seeing this 1.3km monument will give you a real idea of life in Berlin during the Cold War.

Oranienburger Str – this is home to the amazing bar scene in Berlin. Galleries are open late in this area and often offer wine and cheese. Best of all, it’s free!

3. Use Student ID


If you have one, even from years ago. Whip it out and flaunt it around. Student ID’s are worth a fortune in savings in Berlin and nobody ever really checks the dates on them.

4. Metro


Use the metro line to get around. With prices at 8 euro for the day, or 36 for the week – why would you ever pay for a taxi around when you can get the metro everywhere?

5. Head to the park

header Berlin grillen-im-Tiergarten-c Pierre-Adenis

Make yourself a picnic, grab a few beers and head to the park. Yes, Berlin allow you to drink in pubic parks – just once you’re not a drunken idiot about it. Head down to the park and enjoy the sun with a sandwich and a beer.

6. Listen to some free tunes.

berlin-music-week auf-den-daechern-2012 two-door-cinema-club 580x237

Every Tuesday at 1pm, the foyer of the famous Berliner Philharmonie gets packed with classical music fans for free lunchtime chamber music concerts.

7. Visit Local Monuments.


From Stolpersteine to the East Side Gallery, Monuments to Germany’s past are frequented by millions every year. Here are some you should visit.

Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe – Opened in 2005, it consists of 2,711 concrete pillars across approximately 19,000 square meters. Well worth a look.

Along every street in Berlin, Stolpersteine have been embedded into the regular walkways. They are engraved with the names of victims of the Nazi regime.