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20th Dec 2016

The 10 Best Steaks To Eat In Dubai In 2015


One of the most important pieces of information to find out about a city when you get there or even while living there is where serves the best steaks. Dubai has so many options but we’ve decided to do the hard work for you and pick the 10 best. All you need to do now is select one and get a lovely glass of red to go alone with it. You could nearly lick the screen looking at these. Off the charts good!

10th. Fire And Ice

The setting really is something else at the lovely Raffles hotel and once you sit into one of their deep leather chairs and see that big piece of meat coming to the table you’ll be in heaven.


9th. Prime 68

As you would expect with anybody making this list the steak is incredible but eating it on the 68th floor looking out over Dubai has to be one of the most surreal experiences in the world.


8th. Gaucho

This South American steak house is uber exclusive and largely made their name in London. You won’t go wrong with any of their different cuts that they show you at the table and then flame grill.


7th. JW Steak House

Located in the Marriot hotel you might as well be in a room in New York though with the faded leather and vintage steak house feel. Look out for their epic tomahawk steak which is served for 2.


6th. The Butcher Shop And Grill

With locations all across the Middle East they are a brand you can trust. Stick to the fillet steak and you will always have an epic experience.


5th. Pachanga South American Steakhouse

This is the real deal in the Hilton Hotel with the chefs having a serious passion for beef. Watch out for their special Brazilian steak buffet nights on Wednesdays for an even more special occasion.


4th. MJ’s Steakhouse

The second you walk in here you’ll see that it is all about the beef and watching the chefs is like watching true masters at work. One of the most famous locations in the world with world class service as well.

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3rd. Scot’s American Grill

You only have to take one look at the steak in the photo to know that they are experts at what they do here. They keep the menu simple and the portions big. Come with an appetite.


2nd. The Exchange Grill

When it comes to cooking a good steak they have it down to a fine art here. Starting with the very best quality produce they cook it up simply and the portions are so big they have to be seen to be believed.


1st. The Rib Room

Wins the prize for a wonderful setting that could be in any part of downtown New York or London. The service is sublime and the steak is absolutely off the charts good. We’d suggest going with the T Bone steak for 2 or if you wanted something even more special their trio of Wagyu beef is special beyond belief.