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20th Dec 2016

The Top 10 Burgers To Eat In London In 2015


They serve burgers all over the world and even though it is typically just a simple bap with some meat and a couple of toppings in the middle, they can vary massively in quality. London has it’s own range of cracking burgers and we thought we’d put them in order and sort the very best ones into a list, so you can enjoy them one by one. We are drooling just sitting here looking at them. Washed down with a glass of coke, a milkshake or a nice cold beer you can’t go far wrong with any of these bad boys! Get stuck in!


Some place try to wow you with exotic toppings and fancy garnishes but Elliot’s keep it simple and deliver a world class burger by doing the basics well. The perfect place to rest your feet after trailing around Borough Market.


9th.Mother Flipper

The only place on the list that isn’t an actual restaurant but which is actually a stall down in Brockley Market. Forget table service and grab a napkin and add your own sauce but once you taste the 28 day aged beef in the sweet, soft brioche bun you’ll forget where you are and dream of eating one of these every day for the rest of your life.


8th.Burger Craft

The aptly named “Juicy Bastard Burger” is the jewel in the crown and as you can see it is indeed juicy. Burger Craft operate a unique model of cooking their burgers out of pub kitchens that they lease and thank god they are extending the model because everybody should get to eat one of these in their lifetime.


7th.Five Guys

Burger aficionados and foodies alike will probably turn their nose up at the inclusion of a large American chain ahead of local independent companies but in terms of a quality offering on the go they are hard to beat. You only need to look at the queues and the amount of happy customers to know that this is more than just good marketing. The chips are special but do watch out for the inevitable post give guys slump after eating one of these!



With over 30 restaurants now (mostly in London) you know what you are going to get in here and that is an epic, well sourced and tasty burger. Double cheeseburger, bacon and fries with a beer is the only way forward.



This joint is just a serious burger place that doesn’t get caught up in the trends and all the latest hype. We’ve gone for the cheeseburger because it is magnificent and super classic but because you can make your own toppings there are also options for those of you looking for something more adventurous like the one below topped with mac and cheese.


4th.MEAT market

To be honest you could have chosen any of their outlets (MEAT mission, MEAT Liquor etc) but we’ve gone with their Covent Garden location. The bun is absolutely perfect here and the whole burger holds together perfectly when eating.


3rd.Honest Burgers

Not everybody loves exotic toppings on their burgers but if you do this is the place to come. Always inventive, amazing specials to keep you coming back and a great selection of beers to wash the burgers down with. Three locations as well so never too far from one. Lovely story behind the lads as well which you can watch here.


2nd.Flat Iron

This place takes their beef very very seriously and the only bad thing about eating a burger here is you miss out on the steak. The burger is no let down though as it contains… Australian Black Angus burger, shallots, Béarnaise sauce all served on a St John Bakery seeded bun. The sauce makes this one of the best things you will ever eat in your life. No reservations but well worth the wait for one of these bad boys.


1st.Patty & Bun

It takes some burger to be named the best one in the capital but we have absolutely no qualms giving Patty & Bun that title. The burgers do of course taste amazing (keep the order simple would be our advice) but they also look outstanding with perfect branding and the whole package feels authentic without being too up market. Extra marks for having their own food truck which they take on the road and serve their burgers to festival goers.


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