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20th Dec 2016

The Top 10 Places To Eat Chicken Wings In London


Chicken wings have been popping up on menus all across London for the last couple of years and are very much on-trend in the capital – but if ever there was a subject to split opinion it is the place serving the very best in town.

Everybody is going to have their own opinion (and feel free to get involved in the comments) but we are confident that these 10 places will see you good. All you need to do now is work your way through the list and get licking those fingers!

10th. Sticky Fingers

An American-style bar that has tons of music memorabilia on the walls, but you’ll want to come here for the wings. Perfect place to have a few drinks and, as the name suggests, get sticky fingers eating a big basket of the things.


9th. Clutch

The whole restaurant is dedicated to chicken and the wings are superb. The fact that they offer them served “by the bucket” is the easiest way to win our hearts.


8th. Chicken Shop

Four beautifully designed locations around the city with super branding and beautiful wings. Not as spicy as some of the others – which may be a good thing for some people – but the huge portions and nice beers make this a must visit.


7th. Bird

They serve wings all the time, but you need to pop down on a Wednesday when you get 12 wings and a beer for just £10. As an added bonus they even deliver, so you can eat their incredible wings in the comfort of your own home.


6th. Bodeans

You’d expect a place that focuses on BBQ to be pretty good at wings, and sure enough they’re absolutely awesome in here. If you are feeling brave try their extra-spicy sauce which packs a serious punch.


5th. Oskar’s Bar Dabbous

The restaurant upstairs has a Michelin star, a huge waiting list and is special in its own right. The basement however needs no reservation, has incredible tunes and a wonderful vibe – and you simply won’t believe the wings they have on the bar menu. Wings at a completely different level to anything you’ve tasted before.


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4th. Red Dog Saloon

There’s a real focus on American food at this place, and they do an amazing job with their wings served up on a board rather than a traditional basket.


3rd. Clockjack

The whole place is dedicated to chicken and it all revolves around the rotisserie ovens. While you could go for a whole chicken their wings are absolutely to die for, coming in either BBQ or chilli flavours.


2nd. Sticky Wings

You’d expect a place that puts wing in the actual name of their establishment to do a decent job of things, and sure enough, they really do. Life doesn’t get much better than a big basket of these!


1st. The Orange Buffalo

New York-style buffalo wings that are served out of a food truck in Shoreditch. They pack a great punch and some of the side orders are so good you’ll want to eat here every day of the week! Perfect.


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