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30th Mar 2017

This Is Not A Drill — Gin And Tonic Marmalade Is Available In Belfast

James Fenton

It’s like all our birthdays have come at once.

‘Baked In Belfast’, an aptly-named Belfast bakery has been making what may be some of favourite ever concoctions and we didn’t even know about it. 

Husband and wife team Suzanne and Keith specialise in producing jam, marmalade and chutney with a little twist. Their products are fused with some of Ireland’s favourite alcoholic drinks including gin and tonics, mojitos and strawberry daiquiris. 

Feckin’ amazing. If you want to find out how to get your grubby mitts on these little jars of heaven, you can follow the Baked In Belfast team on Twitter by clicking here

We wouldn’t mind spreading these bad boys on our toast every morning. 

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