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Yikes – This Is What £300k Gets You In Terms Of A London Bedsit

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Young professionals flocking to the cities around the world are driving up property prices to record levels. 

We’ve seen it in Dublin, Dubai and Kiev, but today we thought we’d head to the city struggling with rising property prices the most… London.

This bedsit apartment will set you back a whopping £299,950, although on the plus side, it is in the heart of Pimlico. Other advantages include that you’ll have your own pad, there’s a balcony, and it comes with what called an ‘integrated kitchen’.

Screen Shot 2016 02 01 At 11 47 44
Screen Shot 2016 02 01 At 11 47 26

On the downside, however, you might bump your head frequently while sleeping, leaving the hob on will result in a warm back, you’ll have to remain pretty thin to fit into the toilet, and you can bring a max of one friend back. Maybe two.

Can you believe that this costs nearly a third of a million? Madness. 

Screen Shot 2016 02 01 At 11 47 19
Screen Shot 2016 02 01 At 11 47 05

Now this lakeside cabin is more like it.

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