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27th Nov 2017

Flying Over Christmas? Some Airlines Have Banned People From Bringing These Festive Items

Darragh Berry

The countdown is well and truly on until Christmas sneaks up on us again and like the famous Chris Rea song says, a good few of us will be travelling somewhere for the festive period.

However, if you’re stepping foot on a plane over the holiday season and thought that you would bring a couple of Christmas treats with you to celebrate, think again. 

The Christmas cracker is an essential part of the festivities and even the dinner doesn’t feel the same unless there is a tug of war among those at the table. 

Research conducted by Airport Parking & Hotels Ltd has found that the majority of airlines have banned the public from bringing the item onto a plane. 

As a result of heightened security measures, the likes of Ryanair, Etihad, Emirates and Norwegian Airlines all have crackers on the no-fly list.

It doesn’t just stop there though, oh no. Party Poppers are not permitted by some airlines also and you might have to forget about having chestnuts roasting on an open fire too, depending on which airline you’re flying with. 

Back to the crackers, however, you’re probably thinking ‘ah c’mon, what’s wrong with them?’. Well, it’s not exactly the cracker itself but what it holds. 

The novelty gifts inside your crackers such as scissors and screwdrivers are the main reason for the ban. 

If you’re in doubt about any items that you want to bring on your Christmas travels this year, it’s best to contact the company that you’re flying with. 

Blame the airline Grinch. 

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