Here's How To Chill Your Bottle Of Wine In Just Three Minutes

This hack will suit anyone having a party this weekend...

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Did you forget to pop your bottle of wine for drinks this evening in the fridge, hmm?

Or maybe, as has often happened to the best of us, the best value bottle in the off-licence wasn't chilled — seems like only the more expensive ones are stored in the fridge.

Well, never drink lukewarm vino again thanks to this nifty trick.

(Okay, you will need a lot of water and salt but sure they're easy to come by.)

Wine expert Brian McClintic says that his sneaky hack is to have "an ice water bath with plenty of salt."

"Works like a charm", he added.

"The full bottle should be submerged. It's hard to say how much salt—let's just say a liberal amount. What happens is the bottle is encased in ice and therefore comes down in temperature much more quickly."

As it turns out, salt reduces the freezing point of water, which allows it to cool down further without turning into ice.

To speed up the process, give the bottle a spin when submerged—it will cool down real quick.


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