Here's The Weird Reason Why You Should Never Buy Wine At The Airport

Keep this one in mind if you're heading away for Christmas


Sometimes the only way to beat the holiday blues is to buy yourself a little pick-me-up in the airport on your way home, especially when you can get things at a discounted price in the duty free.

But one thing to steer clear of when looking for the post-holiday treat is wine. 

According to, bringing wine on a flight has some consequences, and we're just not willing to take that risk when it comes to stocking up on our favourite bottle of sauvignon.

A combination of the pressurised cabin and vibrations throughout the flight could majorly alter the flavour of your bottle of wine, according to the publication.

And Roy Moorfield, an international wine consultant for Cathay Specific, has the difficult job of developing flight-friendly wines that can be served to passengers mid-flight.

He told "We realised the cabin atmosphere is about 40 per cent more dry in a good airline — it can be much more dry in other airlines — and we realised that affects the way you taste."

He added: "It dries out the follicles in your nose, that goes to your olfactory gland, and that’s where you get the sense of smell — and what you smell affects what you taste."

Mr Moorfield also said that the micro-vibrations during a flight shake up the flavour molecules in the wine, which makes the wine quite 'dull' to taste.

So while it may seem tempting to grab a bottle of vino for half the price in duty free, unfortunately it probably won't taste the same as you would have wanted it to. 

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