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Irish Holidaymakers Should Be Wary Of These 10 Scams In Spanish Airport

By Jen

June 8, 2018 at 1:34pm


Irish holidaymakers are being warned about a number of scams currently doing the rounds at Palma Airport in Spain. 

The airport is warning people to be wary and to always keep an eye on your property when in the airport. 

These simple ploys include: Stealing luggage, personal information, money and passports from distracted passports.

And holidays are supposed to be relaxing eh?

Here's a list of the 10 scams.

1. The Airport Security Scam

This one involves two people. The first person will be ahead of you when you go through security. This person will have more items to take off than usual and will have to keep walking back and forth through the scanner while you're stuck behind them and your items go through the machine. 

As your belongings go through and you wait for the person ahead to take everything out of their pockets and go through the scanner properly a second person will come along and take your things from the other end, according to Palma Airport.

2. The Distractor

As the name suggests, this one involves one person leading you away from your luggage as another person reaches in and takes your money, passport and whatever else they can take quickly and discreetly.

3. "Free" Wifi

Unsecure network connections can give scammers access to your personal passwords and details. Don't enter your email unless you're sure the network is secure and legitimate.

4. Suitcase Helper

Be wary of someone offering to help you with your luggage, some scammers are insisting on money before giving the luggage back to the holidaymakers.

Always ask an official airport porter to transfer your luggage to the taxi or bus.

5. Luggage Carousel Bump

When standing by the luggage carousel, be careful of someone bumping into you. People have had their wallet stolen after similar incidences.

Palma De Mallorca Spain 2

6. The Mobile Phone Scam

Vendors offer to rent you a mobile phone with the pretext that you will get your security deposit back when you return it. 

What they don't tell you about is the extortionate call charges. Research call plans before you go abroad. 

7. Airport Pickpockets

Pickpockets operate all over the airport waiting for a time when you are distracted looking for exit signs or car rental desks. 

Do not keep your belongings in your pocket and always have travel insurance in case things get stolen.

8. The Bluetooth Sting

If your device is 'discoverable', a hacker can easily pair with your device and steal your information or install a virus on to your phone.

9. The False Greeter

If you've planned for your hotel to send a driver to pick you up from the airport, be wary of two people holding a sign with your name. 

They both want you're business but one may try to charge you a much higher rate. 

Some might take you part of the way and refuse to take you anymore unless you pay them a hefty fee.

Always get the driver's number before you arrive or check the company ID.

10.  The 'Broken' Taxi Meter

When you get in, they will tell you it's 'broken' and will charge you above the standard rate.

Other times they will take you along the 'scenic' route which will again involve you paying more than the standard fare. While roadworks or traffic may force a driver to take a different path, be wary if you think they are taking longer than they should.

Stay safe, lads. 

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