10 Best Burger Joints In New York

By louisejohnston

February 27, 2018 at 3:14pm


Nothing conjures up America quite like a hearty burger and nothing quite conjures up the idea of a burger joint like NYC! To say there’s too many great joints to choose from would be a complete understatement – so with this in mind, we’ve decided to dig deep and provide you with a list of the ten finest establishments.

10th. Unami

These guys have a few locations around the city and are rightly known for providing some of the best burgers around. Unami provides a lovely experience – from the sensual lighting to the bacon maple fries (a must); this is a top drawer burger joint.

9th. Breakroom

The Breakroom Burger - do it. That was going to be all that was written here except its worth adding in a few other choice words: angus beef, sunny side egg, pork belly. That’s enough. Delicious.

8th. Moo Burger

(One of) Brooklyn’s Finest. Practically anything off the menu is here is guaranteed hearty, fulfilling food. That being the Smoke House and the Hangover burgers are to die for! Make sure you head here if you’re in Brooklyn and looking for a nice meal.

7th. Burger & Barrel

Does exactly what it says on the ti-… um, barrel. This place isn’t heavy on frills but does a whopping selection of quality beef burgers and good prices. Despite its focused title, they’ve actually also got a wide range of non-burger items on the menu. This is a lovely, family spot!

6th. Saxon and Parole

If you like your burger well-dressed but you don’t feel the need to be so, then come on down to this spot and sample of some of their delicious eats!

5th. Spotted Pig

OK, this place is not the cheapest by any means – the Spotted Pig burger will set you back $21… but it’s totally worth it! Not only does it taste incredible but it’s presented in such an appealing way you won’t want to eat it… except you definitely, definitely, definitely will (want to devour it).

4th. Mile End

This fancy delicatessen serves up sumptuous burgers and sandwiches of all varieties. You’ll unlikely be disappointed if you head into this place to fill your hunger!

3rd. Le Fond

This place does American-style burgers in the vein of your favourite classic fast food restaurants except with way, way, better ingredients, making this place the perfect mix of familiar and unusual.

2nd. Minetta Tavern

Fantastic fries, even better burgers. You have a wide range of expensive to budget meat to pick from on this menu. Going deluxe is worth it, as is going for the classic burger. It’s your choice and your mood; you’re always guaranteed something amazing at this place.

1st. Peter Luger Steak House

Est’d 1887. This is as old school as they come. To prove this, they only accept cash, so be warned! Not to mind, these guys serve up only USDA prime beef for all its steaks and burgers. You can be assured of being treated as a real meat connoisseur when you come in here. Delicious.