The Best Value Long Haul Destination For 2019 Has Been Revealed

Let's all just book our flights now

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Thinking of a big trip this year?

A quick scoot to Tenerife does just the trick when you're burned out - but if you're interested in planning something bigger, budget is one of the biggest considerations.

Long haul trips are a big commitment - but this research will go a long way to helping you decide on your perfect trip.

Every year, Post Office Money releases a report on the best value holiday destinations - pointing holidaymakers in the direction of cheap coffee, beer and three-course meals (all the tourist staples).

This year, Cape Town in South Africa came out top of the list when it comes to value - with a three-course dinner for two and a bottle of wine coming in at just €37.36.

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Here's the average price of tourist staples in Cape Town, South Africa.

Cup of filter coffee at a café/bar: €1.27

Bottle of local beer at a café/bar: €1.58

Bottle/can of Coca-Cola/Pepsi at a café/bar: €1.14

Glass of wine (175ml) at a café/bar: €3.17

1.5l bottle of mineral water at a supermarket: €0.83

Suncream at a supermarket: €7.59

Insect repellent at a supermarket: €3.79

Three-course evening meal for two (including bottle of house wine): €37.36

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Costs Baromere

Of all the destinations surveyed, Bulgaria came out the cheapest, with a three-course meal for two and a bottle of wine coming in at €31.37.

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Read the full report here.

Happy holiday day-dreaming!

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