PSA: There Is a Nepalese Festival Dedicated To Thanking Dogs For Their Loyalty and Friendship

We cannot think of anything more worthy

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Every day is Kukur Tihar in our house.

Dog worship is something we like to practice regularly - but in Nepal there is an actual festival dedicated solely to celebrating the friendship and loyalty of our furry friends.

*Excuse us while we WEEP at the thought.*

"Kukur Tihar" or "Day of the Dog" falls on November 6 this year and is part of the Hindu celebration Diwali - the celebration of human relationships with all things.

Kukur Tihar is the second day of Diwali in Nepal, and sees Nepalese dogs - both with homes and without - thanked for their loyalty and friendship.

A red mark (Tika) is placed on their foreheads as a sign of sacredness and the dogs are decorated with flowers and garlands.

Please enjoy a series of photos from this magical day.

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We cannot think of a more worthy cause.

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