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20th Dec 2016

11 Food Bloggers Lighting Up The Irish Foodie Scene Right Now


With the explosion of social media and blogging technology came an entirely new wave of Irish foodies. 

You can’t go near Instagram, Snapchat or Twitter these days without being bombarded with amazing looking food. 

While it was once professional chefs and celebrities who inspired us – these new Irish food bloggers have taken over. 

While they all have social media accounts, their blogs are where you’ll find the in depth recipes and tons of inspiration to get yourself into the kitchen. 


1. The Wonky Spatula

A real focus on healthy eating with a lot of paleo recipes but what we love about this blog is that there are plenty of treats thrown in there as well. 

There’s a healthy dose of videos to make things even easier for you to follow.

Screen Shot 2016 07 09 At 08 10 58

2. French Foodie In Dublin

A french woman living in Dublin who is madly passionate about food. Her blog features everything from recipes and reviews to foodie walking tours of the city and lots of French influence. 

A dream blog to read.

Screen Shot 2016 07 09 At 08 14 15

3. Kenmare Foodie 

A mum of four who lives and breathes food – goals.

She brings you recipes that are in no way intimidating but which always look and taste absolutely amazing. 

Screen Shot 2016 07 09 At 08 16 26

4. The Honest Project 

A vegetarian since she was 12 years of age, herb blog is focused on making some of the best looking veggie food you’ll ever find and you can’t help but be inspired when reading through her recipes.


Screen Shot 2016 07 09 At 08 18 04

5. Gastro Gays 

Never has there been a better name for a food blog.

These two Irish lads split their time between London and Dublin. And they seem to do nothing but cook amazing food and review amazing places to eat. 

A real breath of fresh air.

Screen Shot 2016 07 09 At 08 20 45

6. Rosanna Davison

Originally known for her modelling career but she has since added healthy living, food blogging and nutrition to her arsenal

The blog is so good it has been turned into a couple of books.

You feel healthy just reading it – ideal.

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7. Little Green Spoon

She has been churning out amazing content on her blog for years and that talent has led to writing for the Indo, TV appearances and a big future career in the media as a go-to Irish foodie. 

Screen Shot 2016 07 09 At 08 26 14

8. Lilly Higgins 

Not only has Lilly been blogging since 2010 but she’s also the author of two amazing cook books. 

Her recipes are easy to follow yet adventurous and exciting. 

Screen Shot 2016 07 09 At 08 27 37

9. Rory Kelly

A home cook who should have his own restaurant, book deal and TV series. 

His recipes are super inventive and make you want to lick the screen every time you click into his blog. 

Screen Shot 2016 07 09 At 08 28 58

10. Food Flicker

An all round food genius who works as a nutritionist to the likes of Leinster Rugby and advises people all across Ireland about food. 

His recipes are as healthy and well thought out as it gets.

Screen Shot 2016 07 09 At 08 30 52

11. Natural Born Feeder

Not only does Roz have a career as one of Ireland’s best known models, TV presenters and media personalities but she’s also an insane cook. 

Some amazing recipes, inspiration and foodie delights can all be found on her site.

Screen Shot 2016 07 09 At 08 33 33

What a round up. 

Get reading. 

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