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28th Feb 2018

8 Simple And Creative Things To Do With All That Bread You Bought

James Fenton

The Beast From The East has landed in Ireland and Storm Emma is set to follow.

If you were one of the lucky ones who got your hands on a loaf of bread before they sold out faster than Ed Sheeran tickets then you might even have some left over to do something a bit different with. 

YouTube is full of quick and easy recipes and we’ve picked out a few handy ones just for our readers. Forget your ham and cheese toasties and try out some of these simple treats. 

Let’s just hope you have all the other ingredients!

1. Chilli Cheese Toast 

2. Bread Sausage Rolls 

3. French Toast

4. Monte Cristo Sandwich

5. Bread And Butter Pudding

6. Fried Egg And Cheese Sandwich 

7. Bread Samosa

8. Spicy Masala Toast 

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