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01st Dec 2017

Top Chefs Reveal One Trick That Will Cook Your Turkey Perfectly

Darragh Berry

If you’ve ever had any hand, act or part in creating the Christmas dinner then you know just how stressful it is to get the turkey spot on.

Too dry. Why is the turkey always too feckin’ dry?

Thankfully, some top chefs have revealed the secret to cooking the perfect turkey just in time for this year’s festive holidays.

No more overcooking, no more dryness. Oh no, this year you are going to nail the Christmas dinner.

The Sun asked some top chefs what was the secret to creating the ideal turkey and while some said that cooking it upside down and covering it in packs of ice helps, it’s not going to guarantee that your bird comes out 100%.

Chefs from Gourmet Meat Club – one of the world’s best artisan butcher – say that there is only one way to ensure your bird comes out of the oven juicy and delicious.

“Because turkey leg and breast meat cook at different times and temperatures you risk overcooking certain sections, leaving them dry and tasteless, while other parts of the bird are just cooked,” Miles Ridley, product development manager at Gourmet Meat Club said.

“However, this meat dilemma can be fixed with one simple cooking technique and that is to completely cover the breast area of your turkey with slices of bread and then cover with tin foil.”

By doing this, the legs and wings are left exposed which allows them to cook for longer and the breast comes out at a more even temperature which stops it from drying out.

There you have it, folks. Now just to prepare the other 36 items that go into a Christmas dinner.

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