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28th Dec 2019

Seven Of The Best Activities To Do In Marrakech

Alan Fisher

There is so much to do.

Marrakech is a hectic city. I was dropped in the souks on the first night and it’s the biggest culture shock I’ve ever got.

It was chaos, the streets made no sense and you end up getting lost.

After a day or two of easing in, you fall in love with it.

There are so many fun things to do and loads of nice places to eat.

Take a little look and my trip here:

I managed to get a lot done on my short trip and here are my recommendations:

1) Sahara Trip

It really is a must.

Now, before you dive in I would like to mention that it is pretty much three full days on a bus. Constant traveling.

On the first day, you stop at one or two places and then stay in a hotel. The next day you’re up early to head to the Sahara but again you stop at a couple of places including a stop for lunch and you don’t arrive at the desert until the sun is setting.

Trekking into the sand dunes on a camel is definitely worth it. Head to your campsite for a little bit before dinner and then you are free to do what you want.

It is pitch black and we opted to sit on top of a dune and watch the stars for a couple of hours.

The next day you get up for sunrise and then back on the road for twelve hours to get to Marrakech.

It is a massive trek but you pass through the Atlas mountains that are stunning.

When I was on the bus back, I thought I’m definitely not recommending the trip to anyone but even later that night I knew it was all worth it. It really is a great experience.

2) Quad Biking In La Palmeraie

This was class.

La Palmeraie in only about 20 minutes out of the city center and it’s beautiful to see.

There are hundreds of palm trees and you can rent quads or take a ride on a camel.

The quads should only cost around €30 per person for an hour.

3) Le Jardin Majorelle

This garden was bought by Yves Saint Lauren and Pierre Bergé to restore it after it was left vacant for about 30 years.

Red paths, blue walls, and trees everywhere.

There is also a museum next door

4) Riad Yima

This is definitely a bit of a hidden gem.

You have to pop it into your google maps and it’s in a quiet area.

In fact, we were the only two people in it when we got there.

The house is owned by contemporary artist Hassan Hajjaj who has kitted the place out in his work.

The place is kitted out with old coke bottles and frames made out of recycled cans.

He has become so popular he has even photographed the likes of Cardi B.

We sat on the terrace and enjoyed a cup of local mint tea.

5) Exploring The Souks

As I mentioned, I was rattled when I was dropped in here and got lost on the first night.

It is chaos. They are alleyways filled with markets and the streets don’t have any systems.

It’s too easy to get lost if you don’t have your bearings. And some locals will try to take advantage of this. They can sense you’re lost and try to ‘help’. They lead you around in whatever direction they want, you think you’re being helped because you don’t have a clue and then they ask for money.

If anyone shouts “that way is closed” or “wrong way” to you, do not listen.

Download offline maps before you head in.

Even with these cautions, it is a great experience roaming around and checking what’s on offer. It’s a must and unavoidable if you head to Marrakech.

6) Street Food

Please do not be afraid of street food.

About 70% of my meals were these street food-styles restaurants.

They are delicious. Go up and order as much meat as you can see and dive right in.

Chez Bejgueni is the best and located in the new city.

7) Hot Air Balloon

What is more romantic than this.

Taking a trip in a hot air balloon for the sunrise.

It’ll cost about €195 per person if you’re willing to spend that but it definitely looks worth it.