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“So I Was Pretty Drunk The Other Night And I Lost My ID, Then This Turns Up Today…”

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We’ve all been drunk at some stage and felt the dread of losing something important. A phone. Passport. Drivers license. Our dignity! 

Unfortunately you never see most lost items ever again but one man was a little luckier when he lost his license recently. It was all part of a brilliant prank.

It all started when William George Armstrong lost his license on a night out…

Screen Shot 2017 11 12 At 09 22 12

But a couple of days later he got a letter…

Screen Shot 2017 11 12 At 09 23 53

Although it contained the news that the license had been used to book a huge holiday

Screen Shot 2017 11 12 At 09 24 20

Which cost a small fortune…

Screen Shot 2017 11 12 At 09 24 28

But the twist in the story was that it was all a big wind up and there are good people in the world…

Screen Shot 2017 11 12 At 09 26 42

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