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These 6 'Health Foods' Actually Aren't All That Good For You...

By Sarah

July 17, 2017 at 2:23pm


Coconut oil is the latest 'health' food to be denounced by experts who say it's actually full of high saturated fat, with the American Heart Association saying it's just as bad as butter and beef fat.


Turns out there's a few other 'health foods' that aren't actually that healthy at all as reported in The Irish Independent... We're devastated.

Dried fruit

A 2015 study found that a pack of raisins can contain the equivalent of more than four teaspoons of sugar.

Orange juice

You might think that fresh glass of OJ is going towards one of your five-a-day, but a 250g glass can have up to 21g of sugar - you should be aiming for a total of 30g per day.

Juice is also absorbed quicker by the body than whole fruit, which spikes your blood sugar levels and is more likely to be converted to fat


You think you're all healthy and good using honey instead of sugar, but another 2015 study found that honey has the same effect on the body as white sugar and high fructose corn syrup.

One teaspoon of honey also has 23 calories and 6g of sugar, compared to a teaspoon of sugar which as 16 calories and 4g sugar. 

Veggie burgers

The “textured vegetable protein” or soy often found in store bought veggie burgers contain yeast extract and cornstarch to fill them up - meaning there's little to none nutritional value.


Apples contain both high levels of sugar (as do grapes), and cyanide, in their pips. Eating an apple a day can actually affect your teeth and cause erosion.

Whole wheat bread

While any brown carb is better than white because it takes longer to release its energy into your blood stream, scientifically altered genes in wheat make it less nutritious and more likely to cause inflammation.

Guess we'll just eat air so...

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