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22nd Nov 2017

This Gorgeous Swiss Village Will Pay You Over €21k To Move There


If you’ve ever considered packing it all in and escaping to a remote village, this could be your chance. 

The gorgeous mountain town of Albinen in Switzerland wants to pay people 25,000 Swiss francs or €21,461 to move there. 

The council will soon vote on the new scheme, which aims to repopulate a community that has shrunk to just 240 people, The Local reports. 

Under the initiative, each new adult would get the grant, with an extra 10,000 Swiss francs or €8,584 per child. 

That’s over €60,000 for a family of four – but there’s a catch. 

New residents have to be under the age of 45 and must build or buy a house to live in full time. 

The house has to be worth at least 200,000 Swiss Francs (€171,692) and you have to stay there for at least ten years or you have to give back the money. 

Not a decision to be taken lightly, then! 

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