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07th Oct 2018

This Secret Pizzeria In Donegal Is The Very Meaning Of A Hidden Gem


Pizza truly does hold the key to our greedy little hearts, and nothing will ever replace that instantaneous joy that occurs when a crispy charred slice of dough laden down in melting cheese and tomato passata touches our mouth.

It’s love at first bite every.single.time <3

Finding a new pizzeria is more exciting than matching with an absolute beaut on Tinder, and we recently found out about an incredible hidden gem in Donegal.

Located in a secret garden behind a tiny pub, The Rusty Oven in Dunfanaghy serves some of the best woodfired pizzas in the country.

A small crew of local artists, surfers, and horse-riders are behind this rustic pizza place that’s become an instant hit with both locals and tourists thanks to its gorge surroundings and artisan ingredients.

Pizza toppings include Fivemiletown Goats Cheese, spicy Barcelona chorizo and roasted garlic, and the use of only organic stoneground flour, water and a bit of salt in their pizza dough ensure it’s 100% delish.


You wouldn’t even be aware of this tucked away delight if you weren’t told about it, but once you discover this spot you’ll be back week after week.

You walk through Patsy Dan’s Pub (grabbing a pint on your way obvs) and make your way out back to a hippy-vibe garden with twinkling fairylights, candelabras, colourful lamps and a stone pizza oven covered in beautiful mosaics.

And as for the pizzas themselves? Well, these mouthwatering photos will give you an idea of what amazing-ness to expect from the fiery oven…

Whether you want an Nduja Calabrian style or just a basic Mozzarella and basil pie, you’re guaranteed that it will be tasty and gobbled up in minutes.

The Rusty Oven generally only opens in the warmer months, but if there’s still a bit of a chill outside (sure look it’s still Ireland after all) you can always order your pizza and munch it in the pub by the fire.

This spot has the rare combination of intrigue and flavour, not only looking outstanding but delivering on taste too.

Next time you want to be transported to somewhere magical and yum, you won’t go wrong paying a visit to here.

Header image: Lauren Scott/Instagram

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