11 gorgeous waterfalls In Ireland that you need to visit

By seank

November 8, 2019 at 3:40pm


When you think waterfalls, you think of exotic and distant lands — but Ireland does have 'em too, you know.

On our quest to discover the prettiest little parts of Ireland that may have escaped your attention, we're turned our focus on the waterfalls of our island.

And we've more of these natural formations than you might have thought.

Some are spectacular, some more low-key, but they're all worth the trip.

1. Glencar, Leitrim

This site is free to enter and has free parking as well as a picnic area, a playground and a tearoom.


2. Torc, Kerry

Kerry is one of Ireland's most popular holiday spots and the next time you're there you should make sure to visit this beauty in Killarney National Park.

3. Aasleagh Falls, Galway/Mayo border

There isn't much Galway and Mayo people will agree on but this lovely spot just north of the county border is rightly enjoyed by residents of both.

4. Assaranca, Donegal


A scenic 8km drive away from Ardara, this Donegal waterfall provides plenty of photo opportunities.

5. Glenmacnass, Wicklow

A stunning location close to Glendalough. A car park is located about a two-minute walk from the waterfall.

6. Glenevin, Donegal

Back in Donegal, Glenevin Waterfall is a spectacular sight and with picnic tables nearby, it's a great option for a scenic day out.


7. Mahon Falls

Nestled in the Comeragh Mountains in Co. Waterford, this one is well worth stopping off for a look.

8. Powerscourt, Wicklow

Located 6km from the main estate, there's plenty of parking available at this magnificent spot.


9. Tourmakeady, Mayo

This waterfall is part of a delightful walk along the Glensaul River.

10. Glenbarrow, Laois

Deep in the Slieve Blooms, you'll find this peaceful-looking waterfall that will stir your senses. More information can be found here.

11. Clare Glens, Tipperary-Limerick border


Surrounded by breathtaking scenery, this waterfall is well worth stopping off at if you're in the area.

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