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30th Nov 2017

We’ve Some Bad News If Your Local Roads Are Covered in Potholes

Darragh Berry

There is no worse sound than the ‘clunk’ that your wheels make when it embeds itself into a pothole, even if it is only for a brief second. 

Many the wheel has been ruined because of the damage on our local and national roads, but sadly it doesn’t seem like the problem is going to change any time soon.

According to The Irish Times, the road maintenance budget for 2018 has been reduced by 15% nationally and 30% for local roads.

The Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII) has warned that cuts in the budget for repairs on Irish road networks is “inevitable”. 

TII’s head of operations, Kevin O’Rourke said that “while TII will endeavour to allocate the overall budget provision in a manner which will mitigate, as far as possible, the impacts of the reduced funding on the provision of maintenance services on the national road network, we feel it is necessary to give you advance notices of the scale of the cutbacks that will be required.”

O’Rourke also added that there has been a slow reduction in day-to-day maintenance of road networks over the last ten years but these new changes would be the biggest cut yet. 

TII has plenty of information on its website about what they do with the funding they get for road maintenance. 

Oh well, looks like we’ll be stocking up on spare tyres for the new year, AGAIN. 

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