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19 Things You’ll Remember If You Went On A Leaving Cert Holiday

By katedemolder

August 15, 2018 at 4:27pm


This time of year always gives us the most intense series of flashbacks to our Leaving Cert Holiday.

A time of few worries, fewer clothing and pools upon pools of painfully cheap alcohol – all in all, better times.

Take a trip down memory lane with me, won't you...

1. All gathering together en masse to decide which manky holiday destination you were going to hit up that year

''Ibiza? Too expensive. Puerto Banus? Too many posers. Magaluf? Perrrrrfect.''

Shutterstock 310716110

2. Getting one person to pay for the enormous cost of flights, accommodation and travel insurance because that's just what we did

Laziness conquers all.

200 1

3. Kicking off your delish 'base tan' during Leaving Cert weather

Only to be turned pinker than a piglet.

200 2

4. Spending enough money on new clothes/togs/cosmetics to fund a small country

Only to cleverly disguise wearing the same shorts seven days straight.

200 6

5. Buying a hip flask cos you're a massive legend

And you'll surely need it in a country of little to no drinking legislation.

200 7

6. Disregarding suncream as a potion fit for weaklings and subordinates


200 9

7. Your first real experience of rollovers

Hangover-free too – a time of fleeting beauty.

200 10

8. The heart palpitations of wearing just swimming togs in front of all of your mates for the first time

After a prolonged period of study-snacking, sunlight-avoiding and gym-skipping.


200 11

9. Having horrifying Leaving Cert flashbacks, but blocking it out with watered down vodka

Not today, Satan!

200 12

10. Doing everything FOR THE CRAIC



200 13

11. Being mildly horrified by the state of your filthy apartment

No furniture? Check. Mould on the walls? Check. Rat in the pool? Double check.


12. Every lad you know bringing 103,836,582 condoms

Dream big, boys.

200 14

13. Falling in love with every rep within a five mile radius

"But they told me they could get me into the afterparty!"

200 16

14. Getting involved in anything that starts with the word 'booze'

Booze cruise? Yep.

Booze crawl? Sure.

Boozy pub quiz? Sign me up!

200 17

15. Near drowning at a foam party

Some things just cannot be unseen.

200 18

16. Sweat. So much sweat.

10+ pubescent teens living in close quarters in over 30° heat.

Oh, and they're always drinking.


200 19

17. Snatching enough free stuff to last a year

T-shirts, caps, badges, slap bracelets, forgotten children – you name it.

200 20

18. Ripping off your top at any opportunity


200 21

19. And finally, being slightly horrified at what you've become...

Where did it all go wrong?

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