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10 Travel Accessories You Need For Your Next Trip

By Dylan Varian

December 20, 2016 at 12:18am


Travel is something which everyone loves to do, but while you're away trying to makes things easier for yourself can be a challenge. Whether it be roaming charges on your phone, fitting everything into your bag or trying to make yourself comfortable in a place you're just simply not, here are 10 accessories you need to bring with you on your next trip.

1. ChatSim


Roaming charges are a right pain in the ass. And that's putting it mildly. Even right now I am in Ireland and I made one call to my girlfriend in London. I got 3 minutes into the call before my credit was eaten alive. I can't wait for the chat when she gets back about me eating her credit too due to one 3 minute phone call.

I should have told her about ChatSim because just for 10 euro on any unlocked phone it lets you send unlimited texts in over 150 countries with any instant messaging apps. So anyone with WhatsApp, Viber or the likes are sorted and you don't have to worry about any roaming charges.

2. Hush


Whether you're on the worst flight ever with babies all around you crying to their hearts content or you're in a hostel with a number of people who snore like a trucker these earplugs are a godsend.

Fall asleep to the sound of ocean waves or rainfall. Hush earplugs also can wake you up, and only you and not everybody else around you. These are genius.

3. Moment Lens


Sick of lugging around your bulky DSLR? Then the Moment Lens is for you. This lens makes taking photos on your phone a lot more impressive and it's a very cheap alternative to a DSLR.

The only disadvantage is that the lens is pretty hard to get on and off so you won't be able to get it on and off to easily. However there is an alternative that the company offers, and that's a case for your phone which is compatible with the lens and makes it a lot easier to use.

4. Travel Card


Finding a socket while traveling can be sometimes difficult and we know we need to get our phones charged especially because damn it we want to take all the photos! This TravelCard is perfect as it's so small it can fit in your wallet and it's compatible with iPhone and Android.

5. BlueSmart


If there is one thing you can guarantee, especially if you're travelling with a budget airline, that's the fact your luggage is going to get lost at some point.

BlueSmart luggage is easily the most impressive (and aesthetically pleasing) piece of luggage we have ever seen. Control everything with your phone. Whether it be a digitally controlled lock, location tracking, a built in scale to make sure you're under those damn weight limits and is equipped with it's own battery charger. Yes, the price is a bit up there - but damn is it worth it.

6. Foldable Travel Slippers


Why do we even need to explain this? They fold up perfectly into your bag and damn you we like comfort.

7. Travel Alarm


We've all got to make some sacrifices when travelling, and sometimes our budget doesn't allow for fancy hotels. If you're feeling sketched out by the people you saw in the lobby of your hostel or hotel, attach this pocket alarm to your door for some peace of mind. I mean that won't stop anyone breaking in if they really want to - but at least you've got some warning to prepare yourself.

8. Giant Body Wipe


Heading on a camping holiday or staying in a hostel and the facilites are dirtier than you are? Get a giant body wipe which are cheap as shit for what they offer!

9. Shirt Shuttle


Heading on a quick business trip or off somewhere with your other half and know you'll have to wear a shirt at some point but couldn't be arsed ironing? We got you! The shirt shuttle is ideal for this kind of situation.

10. iPad Sound Enhancer


Kids in the car and they complaining they can't hear the iPad that well? One - get their hearing tested. Two pick up this sound enhancer which works with every iPad from version 2 through 4.


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