15 Pics Of The 99 That Will Make You Drool On A Glorious Day Like This

I got 99 problems but ice cream ain't one

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No summer in Ireland would be complete without many a devoured 99. 

It's said that 22 million 99's are consumed every year, in Ireland alone – each a gorgeous combination of vanilla ice cream and chocolate flake. With a few cheeky sprinkles thrown in there on occasion. 

Who knew that our favourite cone had so many looks? 

1. The classic seaside beaut

2. The long-necked wonder

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3. The mini, playful bae

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4. The sweet, savory drippage

5. The twinning beach babes

6. The flawless masterpiece

7. The lopsided buddy

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8. The 99 problems but a flake ain't one

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9. The session queen

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10. The quintessential British mate

11. The unreal Leaning Tower of Pisa

12. The attention seeker

13. The flake angle that no one ever sees

14. The chilled out crunchy goodness

15. The creamy swirl that's always on-the-go

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Teddy's – here I come.

See you there?

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