15 Pics Of The 99 That Will Make You Drool On A Glorious Day Like This

I got 99 problems but ice cream ain't one

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No summer in Ireland would be complete without many a devoured 99. 

It's said that 22 million 99's are consumed every year, in Ireland alone – each a gorgeous combination of vanilla ice cream and chocolate flake. With a few cheeky sprinkles thrown in there on occasion. 

Who knew that our favourite cone had so many looks? 

1. The classic seaside beaut

2. The long-necked wonder

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3. The mini, playful bae

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4. The sweet, savory drippage

5. The twinning beach babes

6. The flawless masterpiece

7. The lopsided buddy

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8. The 99 problems but a flake ain't one

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9. The session queen

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10. The quintessential British mate

11. The unreal Leaning Tower of Pisa

12. The attention seeker

13. The flake angle that no one ever sees

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14. The chilled out crunchy goodness

15. The creamy swirl that's always on-the-go

Teddy's – here I come.

See you there?

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