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20th Dec 2016

15 Savage Ryanair Destinations You Should Be Checking Out This Summer


Although we are still suffering in the depths of winter at the moment, everybody is already starting to talk about summer holidays. 

I wanted to look at some of the destinations you can hit up with Ryanair flying from Dublin. A quick browse through the flights will show that you can get most of these for about €70-€100 if you book early. 

Take the plunge and book one of these magic spots right now so you have something to look forward to. I’m just trying to decide which one to go for!

1. Copenhagen

One of the most relaxed cities in Europe, the city is surrounded by water so you’ll always find a place to sit down and chill out. The Danes are super friendly, speak great English and the food is top class. 

  • Great city to cycle around
  • Amazing food scene 
  • Beautiful design everywhere 
Screen Shot 2016 02 13 At 13 01 48

2. Nice 

Nice is niiiiiice. The perfect gateway Cote D’azur wuth towns like Antibes, Cannes, St. Tropez and Monaco which come alive in the summer months. You can go top end with all the celebrities or camp out in one of their wonderful camp sites so there’s something for all budgedts.

  • The whole of Europe seems to come here in July and August 
  • Incredible food and markets 
  • Lots of amazing things to see within a short distance
Destinationheader 1

3. Berlin

One of the most happening and exciting cities in Europe packed full of culture, nightlife and people from all over the world. 

  • Unbelievable nightlife 
  • Affordable if you do your research 
  • World-class museums 
  • Easy to get around and explore on public transport, bikes or foot
Screen Shot 2015 07 11 At 13 19 49

4. Greek Islands

You’ll need to fly into Athens but as soon as you do get onto the ferries and explore the hundreds of Greek islands. There is something for everybody from quiet, relaxed spots to wild party islands.

  • Relatively cheap
  • Hundreds of destinations to choose from 
  • Warm enough from April onwards
Screen Shot 2015 07 13 At 14 31 31

5. Budapest

One of the great old cities that is packed full of culture. A city that you could spend a week exploring on foot and still only see half of it. 

  • Very affordable 
  • The public baths are a wonderful way to relax 
  • Full of culture including classical music and great museums 
Screen Shot 2016 02 13 At 13 16 31

6. Palermo

Nearly as far south as you can go in Italy, and a perfect gateway to explore the wonderful island of Sicily. You’ll want to get out of the city and explore the island rather than staying there for the duration though.

  • You’ll need to rent a car to get the most out of the island 
  • Incredible food, markets and cafes 
  • Warm enough to have a sunny break from March or April onwards
Screen Shot 2016 02 13 At 13 17 46

7. Marrakech 

The only African destination that Ryanair travel to, and a wonderful experience for the small price it costs to get there if you book wisely. 

  • Seriously warm most of the year but too hot in summer to fully enjoy
  • Great for shopping and finding unusual bits and bobs 
  • Affordable if you plan it well and avoid tourist traps 
Screen Shot 2016 02 13 At 13 19 16

8. Riga

One of the few on the list that are nearly better in winter than summer. A magical little city that is perfect for a weekend break. Great bars, lots to see and super picturesque.

  • Very affordable 
  • Lovely in winter with the snow making the city look magical
  • Seriously interesting cuisine
Screen Shot 2016 02 13 At 13 13 37

9. Malta 

A tiny island that basks in sun most months of the year. Heavy English influences and a wonderful capital city in Valetta. Perfect place for a 4/5 day break to recharge the batteries. 

Screen Shot 2016 02 13 At 13 12 39

10. Amsterdam

A city that really has something for everybody. Great culture, a vibrant party scene and a perfect city to stroll around the canals enjoying the cafes and relaxed vibe the Dutch people exude. 

Screen Shot 2016 02 13 At 13 11 41

11. Oslo

Not somewhere that most people would choose for a short break but the small city is absolutely gorgeous. Spend time on the waterfront, enjoying the great food and bars and unwinding in a city with a very youthful vibe to it.

Screen Shot 2016 02 13 At 13 10 38

12. Poznan

Well known among Irish football fans who based themselves there during the Euros and claimed the city as our own. Has a lovely renaissance old town, and it’s a super spot to base yourself for exploring a part of the world not many of us ever will.

  • Very affordable 
  • Gets incredibly warm during the summer months 
  • Old town with huge history and gorgeous architecture
Screen Shot 2016 02 13 At 13 07 49

13. Lisbon 

The new home of the Web Summit and one of the most relaxed and vibrant cities in Europe. Enjoy a night out when the city comes to life after the sun has gone down.

  • Great cafe culture 
  • Lots of world-class museums 
  • Sure to be popular with Irish this year when the Web Summit moves
Screen Shot 2016 02 13 At 13 05 26

14. Ibiza 

The party capital of Europe but even if you are not into the dance scene you can find loads of quieter more enchanting parts of the island, offering pure relaxation.

  • Great nightlife and dance scene 
  • A quieter side to the island offers a great alternative experience 
  • Season kicks off properly from May onwards
Screen Shot 2016 02 13 At 13 06 14

15. Basel 

You probably wouldn’t think of going to the alps during the summer but Switzerland is a wonderful place when the snow melts and the sun comes out. 

  • Quieter during the summer months than winter 
  • Plenty of adventure sports in the Swiss Alps 
Screen Shot 2016 02 13 At 13 09 51

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