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15 Things Only People Who Have Taken A Year Off To Travel Can Relate To

By niallharbison

December 20, 2016 at 12:18am


Nothing compares to taking a year off, having a few grand and having the time of your life with some good friends. Unless you have actually been on the overnight bus, drinking a box of wine and wearing weird thai pants you'll never know the magic that is a gap year. Here are 15 things anybody who has ever traveled for a year will be able to relate to...

1.Nobody will ever see the same standard of sunsets you have seen


2.You managed to eat well, get drunk and have a huge night out on less that $5


3.Heineken or Carlsberg are no longer good enough. You'll tell anybody who listens about the greatest beer in the world you constantly drank when traveling

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4.You have a tattoo that you pretend to love but was actually a huge drunken mistake


5.People in countries like Brazil, Australia and Italy are way better looking than back home.


6.Working 9 to 5 is way worse than you ever remembered

7.Your friends who didn't have the guts to do what you do now hate you and your stories

8.You realised that most of the world eats rice, beans and or chicken


9.Even though it was five years ago your profile pic is still a travel shot


10.You know that the only real way to drink at a party is out of a bucket


11.You are disgusted that the supermarket at home doesn't have cashews / black beans /


12.You are disgusted by pictures on social media of people who are now traveling. Fucking amateurs

13.The person you are still friends with after a year of traveling will be your best friend for life


14.You'll never complain about a little ant at home anymore after the huge scary animals you saw on the road


15.People abroad are cool and you had a blast but nobody is as fun or as sound as the people when you get home



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