17 Photos That Prove That Kerry Is One Of The Most Beautiful Places On Earth

It has to be 'The Kingdom'


When it comes to stunning natural beauty, you won't find much better than Kerry.

We've collected 17 photos that prove why residents of The Kingdom have a lot to be very proud of indeed.

Have a look through these and we think you'll agree...

1. You'll always be at one with nature

2. You won't have to worry about traffic

3. Fungi!

FUNGIE!!!!!! #Dolphin #Ireland #Dingle #kerry #Fungie #happy #excited #love #funtrip

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4. You'll find entire beaches just for yourself

5. And when the sun shines here, it's like nowhere else in the world

6. The towns and villages always look stunning

7. The hotels look like this

Beautiful #parkhotelkenmare this morning #nofilter - best weekend ever with @lindamatthews

A photo posted by Liz Matthews / LMPR (@lizmatthewspr) on

8. Kerry is also home to some of the greatest footballers ever to grace the sport

@starryboy celebrates towards the hill

A photo posted by Kerry Gaa (@kerrygaa1) on

9. A relatively tiny spot of land that is known across the entire globe

Take a trip down memory lane and tell us where you were when you first tried #Kerrygold.

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10. And the golf!

The Old Course at Ballybunion. #cnnlivinggolf #whyilovethisgame

A photo posted by Ken Minschwaner (@kenminschwaner3) on

11. Where else would you get a road like this

12. You'll always find something to do

13. Endless space

14. People have been enjoying Kerry for hundreds of years

15. Even the animals are friendly here

Somewhere in kerry 🐮 #Ireland

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16. You can't beat a Kerry sunset

17. Yup, I think we can all agree – Kerry is hands-down one of the greatest places on earth

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