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21 Cups Of Coffee In European Cities You Have To Try

By niallharbison

May 27, 2017 at 7:25am



Many of us can't even start the day without a good strong cup of coffee and for some it is like a religion. We decided to put together a list of incredible places around Europe who go above and beyond and offer world class coffee.

Start working your way through the list and see how you get on!

1.London - Kaffeine

You'd expect one of the biggest cities in the world to have amazing coffee and out of many contenders this place is just that little bit more special.


2.Barcelona - Nomad

One of the very best cups in the world never mind just Europe. They have a cafe, online shop and sell out of the back of an amazing truck as well.


3.Belfast - Established Coffee

When we visited recently we were blown away by the coffee, the amazing food and the quality decor that lends itself to an amazing co working space.


4.Amsterdam - Screaming Beans

As you would expect there are awesome spots in Amsterdam foe coffee but this place tops the list. Big focus on sourcing the very best product.


5.Bath - Colonna and Smalls

You wouldn't expect the small english town of Bath to make this list but the coffee in here is so good that it has to be included. Absolutely world class establishment.


6.Copenhagen- Coffee Collective

They have three shops that are all as good as each other and once you see the constant queue you'll know they are doing something special here.


7.Dublin - 3fe

We know this to be true because we live here and spend huge amounts of time and money in here. Probably a little biased but we think it is the very best in the world!


8.Berlin - Five Elephant

They take their coffee incredibly seriously in here and in a city with so much competition you'd expect the top spot to be absolutely world class and they are.


9.Helsenborg- Koppi

A roastery and coffee bar founded by 2 national baristas is always going to be pretty decent and the guys have absolutely nailed it here.


10.Oslo- Tim Wendelboe

A superb spot and the best thing is that through social media they give you a brilliant background guide to how the beans are sourced and the journey the coffee goes on.


11.Paris- Telescope

Another big iconic European city and as you would expect somewhere really special tops the list here to get a coffee. Worth the trip to Paris for the coffee alone.


12.Edinburgh- Brewlab

The coffee is so good here that they now offer training for baristas but they also do amazing teas, food and check out their doughnuts for something really special.


13.Antwerp- Caffenation

Some incredible coffee being served in Belgium's 2nd city which is better known for diamonds but when here a detour is well in order to try this place.


14.Madrid- Toma

Super place and the second Spanish city on the list. This cafe is relaxed and always packed giving you a sign of how good the coffee actually is.


15.Florence- Ditta Artigianale

You'd expect good coffee in a country that is so well known for espresso. This is the pick of the bunch and in one of the world's most beautiful cities too.


16.Prague - EMA

They have a cafe and an espresso bar in the same city and you can expect some of the very best coffee you have ever tasted when you come here. Simply superb.

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17.Cardiff - Waterloo

Given that this place has such a focus on tea (try out their huge range for something different) you might expect the coffee to be average. Well it isn't and if you ever find yourself in Cardiff try this converted butchers shop that is always buzzing./


18.Budapest - Tamp and Pull

Apart from having great branding and one of the best logos we've ever seen the coffee in here is spot on. If you haven't been to Budapest then this alone is a reason to go.


19.Moscow - Double B

You could argue that Russia isn't in Europe but they play in our football qualifying and the coffee is so good here that we simply couldn't leave them out.


20.Stockholm - Drop

Ticks all the boxes by having their own shop. roastery and selling online. Their brand is super strong just like their coffee.


21.Athens- TAF

The country might be having difficulty with their finances at the moment but that doesn't have anyimpact on the coffee in this place. Absolutely off the charts good and setting the standard for the country.


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