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09th Jan 2017

7 Romantic Irish Hotels For A Dirty Valentines Getaway


It’s that time of the year where the festive season has finished and all the loved up couples are starting to think about the next big romantic holiday… Valentine’s Day. 

The day itself is just over a month away (February 14 for all you eejits) and given how busy most restaurants and hotels are we thought we’d give you an early heads up with some stellar ideas. 

No excuses for forgetting to plan anything now!

These hotels are all wonderfully unique, have great service and will make for the perfect break to get away from it all. 

Put yourself in the good books and get booking…

1. Castle Leslie – Monaghan 

As soon as you sweep in through the gates of this gorgeous Co. Monaghan castle it is like stepping into another world. 

Choose from rooms in the lodge or for a super pimped out experience upgrade to the castle and their bespoke rooms.

Screen Shot 2017 01 08 At 16 40 18

2. Hayfield Manor – Cork

A wonderful 5 star experience where the hotel looks like something from a design magazine. 

Add in wonderful staff, amazing food, a wonderful spa and swimming poor and amazing service and you’ll be able to have the time of your life here with your partner. 

Screen Shot 2017 01 08 At 16 47 42

3. Ice House – Mayo

Way out west in Mayo and well worth the journey. 

A wonderful spa, great food, brilliant long walks in the area and rooms with gorgeous views which you’ll never want to leave. 

Screen Shot 2017 01 08 At 16 49 56
Screen Shot 2017 01 08 At 16 49 50

4. Rathsallagh Lodge – Wicklow

The building itself looks beautifully romantic and as soon as you set eyes on it you’ll fall in love with the location

Add in 500 acres of grounds for you and your partner to get lost on and this really is the dream getaway.

Screen Shot 2017 01 08 At 16 55 19

5. Ballyfin – Laois 

Feels like walking into an episode of Downtown Abbey with the grand surroundings and wonderful service. The rooms where you’ll hopefully be spending the most of your time are absolutely stunning as are the walks, food and activities. 

You’ll never want to leave. 

Screen Shot 2017 01 08 At 16 34 10

6. Inis Meain Suites

Perfectly remote so as you can enjoy each other’s company. 

Plenty to explore on the island and with just five suites in total you won’t be bumping into lots of other people. Get to know each other while also enjoying some incredible food.

Screen Shot 2017 01 08 At 16 29 52

7. Wineport Lodge – Westmeath

Slap bang in the middle of Ireland in Athlone and a wonderful place to spend time chilling out with a loved one. 

Amazing food, wonderful rooms and service that will help you forget about the outside world and focus on your considerable other. 

Screen Shot 2017 01 08 At 16 46 13

Get booking now folks! Fail to prepare, prepare to FAIL. 

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