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20th Dec 2016

7 Up And Coming Travel Destinations


If you consider yourself someone who is addicted to travel then you probably like to choose destinations that aren’t over-crowded with tourists. If you want to get ahead of the curve then you should visit these up and coming destinations from across the globe:

1. Bhutan, Asia

Bhutan is a mysterious landlocked country in Asia that’s surrounded by both China and India. Bhutan’s largest city is Thimphu which is also its capital. It’s also nestled in the Himalayas meaning there’s an abundance of mountainous scenery to take in. The juxtaposition of the old and new is what gives Bhutan its charm – it’s not unusual to see crimson-robed monks and camera wielding tourists sharing the same pavement. Bhutan is somewhat untouched by the western world which makes the element of discovery feel genuinely authentic – something which is quite unusual in today’s terms.

Bhutan is perfect for those of you who are the great outdoorsy types – those who like taking a 6 hour trek to visit a Buddhist temple or try and snap the unique wildlife. If you’re going to go here, then we advise you book your dates in conjunction with their famous Bhutan Festivals. There’s a detailed list of festivals and dates here. They have a pretty strict tourist policy so make sure you give yourself time to organise a trip here and follow proper procedure.


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2. Iceland, Europe

Iceland is a Nordic country in Europe that sits close to Greenland and is surrounded by the North Atlantic Ocean. Very few places in the world can rival Iceland’s incredible natural phenomena. Thousands flock here each year to watch the Northern Lights, bathe in the blue lagoon, head to one of the best festivals in Europe and absorb its natural beauty.

Iceland is perfect for the modern day adventurer who prefers an adventure holiday over sunning themselves on the beach. Just don’t forget your hiking boots and your camera!

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3. Montenegro, Europe

This tiny country in Europe has it all – amazing beaches and bays, mountains and canyons (not dissimilar to the Grand Canyon in Arizona, USA), old towns full of character and plenty of things to do and see. Montenegro shares a lot of characteristics with its neighbour, Croatia which makes a nice reference if you’re trying to imagine how it looks in your head.

Pack your swimming togs, your athletic gear and your binoculars and an open mind when it comes to the culinary delights.


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4. Yukon, Canada

Yukon is the smallest of Canada’s three territories and is situated furthest west beside Alaska. Rumours have it that the wild 4 legged creatures that roam this vast territory outnumber the population nonetheless, Yukon is packed full to the brim with different things to see and do.

They pride themselves in their pristine natural habitat. Yukon is the ideal place to visit if you’re a sports enthusiast – from cayaking, skiing, snowboarding, hiking, ice-climbing, and dogsledding but to name a few. They’re pretty famous for their various festivals and the landscape is dotted with hot springs too. Whitehorse has a super offbeat vibe and will probably end up being your hub when you come to visit this enchanting place.


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5. Louisiana, USA

Louisiana is a state bursting with personality in the southern region of the United States of America. Most of you will be familiar with New Orleans, which unfortunately which was devastated by hurricane Katrina in the summer of 2005. Louisiana itself is one of the most multicultural states in the USA with strong African, Spanish, French, American and Native American influences. Tourism and culture are major players in its economy, earning an estimated $5.2 billion per year.

Jazz and Afro-Caribbean music colour the streets of New Orleans. There’s so much to do while here, you can explore the french inspired Cajun Country, or head to the food centric Lafayette. This place is perfect if you obsess over history, politics and culture – you won’t be short of any.


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6. Paraíba, Brazil

Paraíba is situated in the north-east of Brazil in South America. It’s known for its cattle farming, but also the farming of pineapples and sugarcane. If you love sun holidays than Paraíba is for you – it’s sunny and warm year-round. It’s Brazil’s hidden paradise and there’s no where in the world quite like it. It’s littered with incredible architecture and it’s hard to ignore the historic influences here.

The sea is what draws people here – In addition to the beach of Cabo Branco, with its Lighthouse belvedere, the beaches of Tambaú, Manaíra and Bessa are among the most urbanised along the coastline. Tabaü is known for it’s incredible reef formations with natural pools known as Picãozinho. Here you’ll find plenty of hotels and places to lodge. Sit back and relax and Instagram the hell out of Paraíba!


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7. Auckland, New Zealand

This may seem like more of an obvious choice to some but with competitive pricing on flights in recent years, New Zealand has become more of a destination for wanderers who are looking to go beyond Australia to experience the four corners of the globe. Auckland is a city full of volcanoes, with the ridges of lava flows forming its main thoroughfares and its many cones providing islands of foliage amongst the urban sprawl.

Auckland is known for being the most popular, multicultural city in New Zealand which means you’ll have an endless list of various excursions to get through once you get here. There’s a fabulous blend of urbanisation and the feeling of untainted wildlife.


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