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8 Of The Weirdest Themed Restaurants In The World

By Dylan Varian

December 20, 2016 at 12:18am


Some restaurants are pretty weird around the world, whether that be from the food they serve or the decor you can always spot a weird resteraunt from a distance. However these places take the cake as you can probably spot how weird they are from space.

1. Heart Attack Grill (Las Vegas, NV)


Obesity and heart disease are encouraged here. Even fatter customers who are over 350 pounds get to eat for free and those of you who don't finish your meals? Prepare to get spanked by a weird looking waitress in a nurses outfit.

2. Hospitalis (Riga, Latvia)


Take your seat. Sit back. AND GET PUT IN A STRAIGHT JACKET.

Yes, they put you in a straight jacket and then the waitress, who is dressed as a nurse, feeds you the food. This place is just weird.

3. Opaque (Los Angeles, San Diego, and San Francisco)


Everything is pitch black and you can't see your hand in front of your face, never mind the food you're going to eat. They say they serve high quality food like pasta and meat dishes - but how can we really trust them, we can't see the food.

4. The Airplane Restaurant (Colorado Springs, CO)


These guys converted an old Boeing KC-97 into a restaurant and while it is kind of cool, it's also kind of weird. Though to give them credit you'll probably get better food here than you would on a normal airplane.

5. The Hello Kitty Dream Restaurant (Beijing, China)


Of course China was going to appear on this list at some point. The country has an obsession with hello kitty and it's no surprise they have a restaurant dedicated to the cartoon cat.

6. The Lockup (Tokyo, Taiwan)


You're locked in a sell and then a waiter or waitress dressed as a prison guard brings you your food. The drinks are also served in vials. The food is better than a real prison, too. Though we can't say for sure. Red does cook some good dishes on Orange Is The New Black.

7. The Magic Restroom Cafe (City of Industry, CA)


While we are aware there is a cafe in South Korea that is dedicated to poop, this place is dedicated to toilets and everything that goes into them.

The food is served in toilets and the food is inspired to look exactly like something you'd find in a toilet. It's all just disturbing.

8. The Trailer Park Lounge (Manhattan, New York)


Charming white trash stereotypes because, well....'MURICA. You'll find exactly the type of food you're thinking of here; burgers, chips and the likes. Also, margaritas.


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