9 Of The Most Insane Airbnb Rental Listings

You'll be looking at flights the first thing after reading this!


1. "Amazing View from 42nd Floor Studio"


In this Flatiron District studio, listed at $192/night, you can look out upon Manhattan like you own it.

2. "Floating Home B&B in Yellowknife"


You could shack up in the lake itself at this floating property for $139/night.

3. "House Bye the Sognefjord"

What better way to experience the former viking lands than by shacking up next to the nation’s largest fjord in this three-bedroom home

? It’s yours for just $125/night.

4. "Malawi - African Dream Lake House"


This home could be your home base for exploring all the best of southern Malawi for $348/night.

5. "Nature Bungalow @ Elephant Camp"


This bungalow is yours for just $40/night.

6. "Tahiti from the Sky"


Head up to this home in the Punaauia heights for only $144 a night.

7. "Tree House Shimla"


This place, located outside Shimla, India, is for you. It’s available for just $79/night.

8. "UNESCO Sea & Mountain View Studio 3"


Want to hang out on this veranda all afternoon? You have it and some inside space as well for $59.

9. "Unique Artist Mirrored House"


This suburban Pittsburgh home has an excellent kitchen and a whole host of additional amenities for $165/night.

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