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20th Dec 2016

9 Of The Most Insane Airbnb Rental Listings

Dylan Varian

1. “Amazing View from 42nd Floor Studio”


In this Flatiron District studio, listed at $192/night, you can look out upon Manhattan like you own it.

2. “Floating Home B&B in Yellowknife”


You could shack up in the lake itself at this floating property for $139/night.

3. “House Bye the Sognefjord”


What better way to experience the former viking lands than by shacking up next to the nation’s largest fjord in this three-bedroom home

? It’s yours for just $125/night.

4. “Malawi – African Dream Lake House”


This home could be your home base for exploring all the best of southern Malawi for $348/night.

5. “Nature Bungalow @ Elephant Camp”


This bungalow is yours for just $40/night.

6. “Tahiti from the Sky”


Head up to this home in the Punaauia heights for only $144 a night.

7. “Tree House Shimla”


This place, located outside Shimla, India, is for you. It’s available for just $79/night.

8. “UNESCO Sea & Mountain View Studio 3”


Want to hang out on this veranda all afternoon? You have it and some inside space as well for $59.

9. “Unique Artist Mirrored House”


This suburban Pittsburgh home has an excellent kitchen and a whole host of additional amenities for $165/night.