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20th Dec 2016

Boyband Singer Collapses On Plane After Wearing 10 Layers Of Clothes To Avoid Excess Baggage Charge


We hadn’t heard of boyband Rewind until today but a major travel incident means they are now getting wall to wall coverage. Singer James McElvar decided it would be a good idea to avoid having to pay the £45 surcharge for checking a bag by removing all his clothes and wearing them instead. We’ve all done this at some stage but his mistake before getting into a hot cabin was wearing 12 layers…


No sooner had be gotten on the plane than he’d collapsed and an ambulance was called

Media around the world are picking up on the story

Given the amount of coverage this has generated we do wonder ever so slightly if it might have been planted by their manager to get them coverage around the world? Either that or he really was just incredibly stupid…

Maybe go back to wearing the one pieces James…