Always Wanted To Visit Amsterdam? We've Got Some Good News For Irish Travelers

You've NO excuse not to go now

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If you've never been to the 'dam before then you'll surely have heard your mates tales of how amazingly beautiful the city is - full of canals, tall wooden houses, tulips and eh, a particular kinda haze.

Amsterdam is pretty much perfect for a sneaky weekend away without too much hassle, especially now that KLM has announced a huge increase of the frequency of flights between Dublin and Amsterdam.

They're doing an impressive FIVE flights a day now lads -you've zero excuse for not being able to find at least one weekend that suits to hop over.

KLM will fly five times daily between the two cities on Monday, Wednesday and Friday initially between July 10 to September 1, and five times daily thereafter until October 28.

Nice one - see you there?

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