13 Incredibly Irish Things That Happened In The Last Week

''The only reason I need is because it rhymes with 'a gee'''

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Oh, this country.

Somewhere in between making us cry and giving us 'good drying out', it makes us laugh, quite a bit.

Here are our picks of the best of the week. 

1. This newlywed's wedding rap

Yes, we said 'rap'.

2. This reply on an article of ours entitled '11 Reasons Why You Need To Finally Visit Tralee This Summer'

You can't make this stuff up.

Screen Shot 2016 07 27 At 12 11 39

3. This average Joe just paying their dues


4. The wording on this sign

Spotted in Dublin's city centre.

Phuket sure go on

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5. Everything about this headline


Screen Shot 2016 07 28 At 11 13 16

Photo cred: www.independent.ie

6. This sign noting suitable footwear

7. This Dublin artwork of ecumenical matters

Careful now.

8. This perfect wedding shot

Taken by Couples Photography.

9. This all-in-one funeral directors

For all of your sacramental needs.

10. This WiFi password

Sure, what else would you be at?

11. This straight to the point, no-nonsense furniture shop name

'GO ON, it's not what you think!!'

12. This guy's ad looking for a debs date on Done Deal

For more information, or to go on what will definitely be the gassest night of your life - see here.

Screen Shot 2016 07 28 At 16 59 40
Screen Shot 2016 07 28 At 16 59 51

13. And finally, this tempting offer comin' atcha from Feltrim Motors

Cheap, too. What a bargain!

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