You Can Rent This Insane Lighthouse In Wicklow And It Isn't Even That Expensive

Find three other friends and have the experience of a lifetime

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We love using Airbnb when travelling, finding the most affordable places and saving a tonne in the process. 

The other way of using it, however, is to get a group of friends and rent out unique and amazing buildings that you'd never normally get a chance to ordinarily. Take this lighthouse in Wicklow, for example

It only costs €250 a night and considering it comes with six rooms, sleeping room for four and stunning views is an absolute bargain. Just €63 each if you find three friends. 

Special note: there are 109 steps to the kitchen, which is on the top floor so you better be fit. This property is surrounded by sea on three sides which makes for stunning views. 

Be rude not to rent this beauty for a couple of days this summer and have an unforgettable weekend.

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