The Top 10 Places To Eat Chicken Wings In Glasgow

Head to any of these establishments for some finger licking goodness!

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With Glasgow being the coolest and biggest city in Scotland, there's no denying they also play host to a huge amount of great places to eat and drink. We've already covered the 10 best burger joints so we thought it would be unfair if we didn't include the best places to get chicken wings in one of the UK's most intriguing metropolises! So here they are, in order of finger-licking goodness - you can thank us later!

10. The Chicken Hut

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The Chicken Hut is a Halal fast food and takeaway outlet in Pollockshields. If it's quick and easy you're looking for then this is the perfect place to chow down on a spicy chicken wings meal deal and wash it down with a chilled soft drink.


9. Kebabish Grill

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If you're looking for a real meat feed then head down here. You'll find yourself gorging on some fine spicy wings that have been cooked on the grill. And if you're feeling extra lazy - you can order for delivery!

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8. Buddy's Bar Diner & Grill

Location - they've 3 outlets so check out their website

If it's an authentic American diner experience you're looking for then come here. They've a variety of different wings on the menu to include breaded fried wings with lashings of different toppings like chipotle, sweet BQQ, spicy BBQ, honey garlic chilli and even flame grilled wings in their special spicy sauce.

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7. The Hanoi Bike Shop

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The Hanoi Bike Shop is Glasgow's first Vietnamese Canteen, serving up the meanest, crispy, garlic chicken wings. You'll be captivated by their colourful interior and their knack for detail when it comes to the food presentation. Absolute food porn.

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    6. Brooklyn Cafe

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    These guys really know their stuff - they were even Scotland's first outlet to accept the Bitcoin currency last year. This cafe has everything you'd want from a family run business - they're renowned for their epic burger and spicy wings challenges. So if it's a feast you're lokings for consider the challenge accepted!!!


    5. The Gannet

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    Restaurant and bar in the heart of Finnieston, Glasgow's West End serving up the best of fresh Scottish produce. If you're looking for a fine dining option when it comes to chicken wings, Gannet is ideal. Get the scallops with confit of chicken wing for brunch, lunch and wash it down with a chilled craft beer.

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    4. Meat Bar

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    Located in the basement of a Georgian building is where you'll find this hidden gem. Don't let the small amount of wings on the plate deceive you... these bad boys are seriously tasty and plump. They serve their wings in either BBQ or hot sauce so there's something for everybody here. And the best thing? You can wash it all down with one of their gorgeous cocktails after.

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    3. Lychee Oriental

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    You'll find Lychee Oriental tucked away down a lane way in the centre of Glasgow. This stylish and contemporary Cantonese restaurant goes above and beyond when it comes to their presentation and taste. Their salt and pepper chicken wings are to die for!

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    2. Nandos

    3 Outlets Across Glasgow

    Sometimes there's no rival when it comes to the big dogs. Nandos have been knocking around for years and there's a reason for it - their food is incredible... and it's probably down to their badass sauces that we're more than familiar with. Flawless.

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    1. Burger Meats Bun

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    These guys also topped our Top 10 Burgers list recently so they must be doing something right. James and Ben know how to get it right when it comes to food and marketing. You can order three types of wings here - BBQ, Seoul and Chinese so you'll be spoilt for choice. Get down here and satisfy your wings craving asap!

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