Take A Look Inside This Awesome Harry Potter Hotel In London

This will have any potter fan queuing at the door to get in.


Hotels, depending on how often you visit them, can be exciting on their own. Just the sheer thrill of not having to give a crap about how messy the room is because you know you don't have to clean it. The possibility of room service and really having everything done for you without you really needing to leave the bed.

However this hotel in London has gone above and beyond to make the hotel experience even cooler by designing a total of four rooms into a Harry Potter styled theme.


The Georgian House Hotel doesn't outright call them 'Harry Potter' or 'Hogwarts' rooms, instead calling them 'Wizard Chambers' down to the simple fact that JK Rowling may come knocking for some money, because we're all well aware she is broke and needs every penny she can get her hands on.

The rooms themselves are done very well and will bring any Harry Potter fans a load of joy as soon as they step inside the room. Take a look for yourselves.


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