The Top 10 Places To Eat A Burger In Manchester


They serve burgers all over the world and even though it is typically just a simple bap with some meat and a couple of toppings in the middle, they can vary massively in quality. Manchester has it's own range of cracking burgers and we thought we'd put them in order and sort the very best ones into a list, so you can enjoy them one by one. We are drooling just sitting here looking at them. Get stuck in!!

10th. Handmade Food Co

They have over 40 burgers that they make in house as well as hand cut chips that they make from scratch and which are to die for. Perfect place to bring the kids for a massive treat.


9th. Byron

With over 30 restaurants now (mostly in London) you know what you are going to get in here and that is an epic, well sourced and tasty burger. Double cheeseburger, bacon and fries with a beer is the only way forward.


8th. Dog Bowl

You probably think of it more as a bowling alley but when you can get a burger this good, along with a beer and bowling for just a tenner this has to be considered. Seriously good value for money and entertaining.


7th. Almost Famous

Their toppings are completely off the charts and you'll want to be hungry because this little beauty is a double cheeseburger with pulled pork, cheese and BBQ sauces. Always packed with a super atmosphere as well.


6th. Burger & Lobster

They famously only have two things to choose from on the menu and if you don't go for the lobster then you'll be getting one of the best burgers in town. Feels more like a standalone restaurant than a chain and their burgers are as juicy and cooked to perfection as you'll get.


5th. Five Guys

Hard to put an American chain on the list ahead of local restaurants but Five Guys really is so good that it can't be ignored. Perfect for a burger on the go when in a rush and those hand cut fries are to die for.


4th. Beef And Pudding

You'd expect a place specializing in beef to be good at burgers. Their "Beef'ham" burger is the stuff of legend and made from a house-made patty, sweet chilli beef brisket, horseradish, suet pudding, mushy peas, onion rings and chilli sauce, in a brioche bun. Finish these meal in a bun and you'll be doing well!


3rd. Reds True BBQ

They've got all the American themes going here and the burgers don't disappoint. All come with pickles and proper American mustard. Amazing taste but a tad pricey at around 12-15 quid but an absolute must have for a treat.


2nd. Brew Dog

Burgers are great and all that but you know what makes them even better? Serving them up with loads of great beers in a pub. The brew burger is classic beef with candied bacon and is made especially to pair up with beer. Tastes absolutely incredible.


1st. Solita

Their burgers in here are seriously stacked (They have a huge burger called the Big Manc) but we suggest the Mac Daddy. Mac n cheese 'bun',6 ounce burger,pickles,crispy bacon. It doesn't really get much better than this.


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