33 Reasons Why You Should Move To Melbourne Right Now


We all know that the weather in Australia along with the gorgeous scenery makes it one of the best places to live in the world but we wanted to take a look at Melbourne and explain why it is one of the greatest cities on the planet. It's not just us either, as Melbourne is always named as one of the most liveable cities in the world across a range of metrics. Have a look through these 33 reasons and ask yourself how you couldn't go and live in Melbourne right now...

1. The Incredible MCG

One of the most iconic sports stadiums in the world and the home of Cricket in Australia. You haven't lived until you've been to a boxing day test match here in the sun.


2. The Cakes On Acland Street

A perfect little street to take a walk down on a weekend and admire the cakes and coffees in all the windows as you sit there people watching.


3. Getting Around The City On Beautiful Vintage Trams

Lots of cities have trams but none balance the convenience with the vintage style quite as well as Melbourne does.


4. Outdoor Eating

No city is better set up with terraces, gardens and open spaces to eat and as soon as the weather starts getting good al fresco eating doesn't get any better than this.


5. Having The "Great Ocean Road" Start On Your Doorstep

Well known as one of the great drives in the world you can escape Melbourne and drive down this incredible road for a weekend of pure fun.


6. Being Home To So Many Great Footy Teams

So many to choose from in the spiritual home of the AFL. Pick one and prepare to stay with them for life for pure joy or a life of pain.


7. The Amazing Street Art That Brings The City Alive

Pop down one of the back streets or alleys and look in awe at the street art that can be so good at times it belongs in a gallery or to be kept for good.


8. The Biggest Horse Race In The World, A National Holiday And A Day Of Drinking All Rolled Into One

The Melbourne cup is the race that stops a nation and one of the biggest days of the year.


9. Getting A Free Beer With Your Haircut

Only in Melbourne would they come up with the idea of getting a free beer while getting your hair cut. Life doesn't really get much better than that in fairness.


10. The Esplanade In St Kilda

What better way to escape the world than going for a long walk along this gorgeous part of the world and taking the iconic bay in.


11. The Souvlaki

With a huge Greek population you won't get it any better than this outside Greece itself. Some might even argue that it is better here.


12. Heaven For Cyclists And Pedestrians

If ever a city was set up for walking around or grabbing a bike and commuting to work then this is it. Lots of open space and respect from drivers.


13. Culture Is Everywhere

They say that Australia is one of the youngest countries in the world but Melbourne has some of the best culture baked into every part of the city already.


14. The Beaches Are A Way Of Life

With so much coastline around you'd expect the beaches to be popular and they don't let you down. As soon as the sun comes out you'll spot a mass exodus of people heading there with food and cold drinks.


15. Because Luna Park Is A Permanent Fixture

In any other city Luna Park would probably have been ripped down years ago but here in Melbourne the old theme park has been restored and maintained into a popular tourist attraction.


16. The Coffee

If ever a city prided itself on amazing coffee it is Melbourne. It genuinely is an art form here and you'll struggle to find better anywhere in the world.


17. Some Of The Best Cooking In The World Using An Abundance Of Fresh Produce

The key to the cooking here is a mixture of the amazing produce from land and sea as well as a fusion of cultures mixing East with West as well as world craft chefs. The food is exciting, diverse and fun.


18. You Can Start The Year With A Tennis Major At The Aussie Open

The height of summer and the best tennis players in the world start their season in Melbourne with the first major of the year. A wonderful 2 weeks in Melbourne.


19. And Follow It Up With The Opening Race Of The F1 Season

As soon as the tennis players have moved on the Formula 1 circus comes to town and opens their season here as well. Albert park comes to a stop and the city parties like no other time of the year.


20. One Of The Most Iconic Train Stations In The World

There are newer, flashier and bigger train stations in the world but right in the heart of the city Flinders Street is as iconic as it gets and a station that this city deserves.


21. Because You Have A State Library That Looks Like This

When you visit most cities a trip to the library would be pretty far down the priority list. You'd visit this library just to wander around in awe.


22. And You're A Short Car Ride Away From Wine Country

Australia is one of the biggest wine producers in the world and not only can you drink the incredible produce in Melbourne you are also a short drive away from sampling it right at the source!


23. Because The City Looks Like This At Night

It actually looks even better than during the day you could argue.


24. The Architecture

Melbourne really has it's own style and it makes the city a joy to walk around admiring the old mixed with the new.


25. The Endless Green Around The City

Parks are a big theme of the city and from the big ones through to the small unexpected finds along with the trees and cityscape you are never far away from a green spot.


26. The World Class Festivals

There is always something to do in the city be it the huge events or the local festivals. Every weekend seems to have something different on.


27. Even The Animals Are Friendly

And it being Australia there are certainly lots of unusual ones!


28. The Fact That It Is Constantly Being Voted The World's Most Liveable City

If you're considering moving at any point, Melbourne should be your first pick - the quality of life here is at an incredible standard.


29. The Graffiti

The streets and alleyways look as if they have been painted especially for you to take photos. Simply stunning.


30. Because It Is Home To The Best Beer In The World

No better way to end the day than with a chilled bottle of perfection.


31. Because You Can Get A Pot And A Parma And It's The Best Thing On Earth

Nearly everywhere do the pot & parma deals on Mondays or Tuesdays for amazing value.


32. Incredible Shopping

From the CBD, to large designers through to small local boutiques you'll never shop as well as you can in Melbourne.


33. But Most Of All It's The People Of Melbourne Who Make It What It Is Today

The city is a mixing pot of cultures, people from different backgrounds and diversity which makes the city unique and exciting like no other.


All images courtesy of Visit Melbourne

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